Tape #23

Fundamentals of Sharpening:

Bonnie Klein
John Jordon
Bill Johnston
Alan Lacer

Run Time: approx. 1 hour 30 minutes

This tape covers the ins and outs of keeping your tools sharp as told by four very well known professional turners. Bonnie Klein, John Jordon, Bill Johnston, and Alan Lacer tell and demo their methods of keeping their tools at their sharpest.

Bonnie Klein starts by taking you from dressing the grinding wheel to taking a new spindle gouge and putting a good grind on it using a grinding jig, and also free hand. She also covers scrapers and the chatter tool.

John Jordan shows how to put a good side grind on a bowl gouge, shaping free hand and also using a jig.

Bill Johnston shows his method of balancing his grinding wheels to get a smooth grind, and also shows the home made jigs he uses to grind scraper bits like those typically used in hollowing tools.

Finally Alan Lacer shows his methods of grinding and honing to get a very sharp tool. He covers dressing the wheel, sharpening the skew, roughing gouge and detail gouge.

This tape is full of great info for grinding and sharpening. A lot of great tips from some of the best turners out there.