Tape #19

Trent Bosch: Vessels of Illusion

Run Time: approx. 1 hours 24 minutes

The tape has good info from start to finish. Trent goes from cutting the wood at the woodpile with his chainsaw to preparing the blank in the shop with the bandsaw. If you've seen his vessels of illusion it is very interesting to see how they are produced. He shows how to create the outside shape using a deep fluted bowl gouge, and also the techniques he uses to hollow the inside with different hollowing tools. After finishing all the hollowing Trent shows how he finishes shaping the outside using various power carving and grinding tools. After that he shows how he makes the insert that goes inside the hollow to create his "Vessel of Illusion", and how he gets it inside.

I like this tape a lot. It inspires you to try different things to create new shapes with your turnings. A good watch!